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Summer Lawn Care

Be careful with fertiliser in summer. Not all lawns will need fertilisation at this time of year if they have been well fertilised in spring. Fertilisation in summer can cause browning of the grass if applied when temperatures are high. Fertilisers are high in nitrates, which can burn the lawn. In summer, use a fertiliser that has a slow release and is lower in nitrates. Water it in well.
Be aware that fungal diseases and lawn grubs may thrive in the hot and humid conditions of summer. Control them as they appear to keep your grass looking good.
Water appropriately. Grass needs more water in summer due to higher levels of evaporation. Check the water restrictions in your area and find out when you can water your lawn and how much. Some grasses need more water than others. For instance, Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf needs less frequent watering than some other lawn types.
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