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Turf Services

At Brisbane Turf Traders we pride ourselves on providing a first-class turf laying service to all customers, whether domestic or commercial. We can supply and install turf for small or large areas and we can handle any or all of your lawn installation requirements.

Brisbane Turf Traders will give a free quote on the supply and installation of your turf upon inquiry. You can contact us at any time to request your free quote or to ask for more information or advice on your lawn.

Brisbane Turf Traders provide a professional turf laying service in Queensland. This includes not only laying the turf but also fully preparing the site for installation so that you will not need to raise a finger. Site preparation includes leveling the site, correcting the drainage, laying down quality topsoil and spreading fertilisers and hydrating crystals to give your lawn the best possible start. We will be able to fully prepare your site whether you are installing a turf for the first time or replacing a previous lawn or paved surface. We can remove all concrete and paving as necessary. We clear away all rubbish and excess material from your site after installation, so that you can begin enjoying your new lawn right away.

Many people installing a new lawn also wish to install an irrigation system so that their lawn will consistently receive the correct amount of water. Brisbane Turf Traders can supply and set up exemplary irrigation systems to suit your lawn.

Turf from Brisbane Turf Traders arrives in palletised form. A fork-lift is available to deliver the turf and to remove the pallets after delivery.

Finally, Brisbane Turf Traders offer bobcat and excavator hire services. We are able to rent small machines for more compact areas and larger machines for use in open spaces