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Green Couch

Green couch is one of the most salt tolerant lawn varieties. It is one of the original and widely used turf varieties available and is regarded as being one of the most suitable grasses for streetscapes, multi-purpose sporting ovals, parklands as well as lawns.

It forms an attractive, dense, medium to fine textured turf. Mowing can be carried out at approximately 15-30 mm, but this variety does require regular fertilising and mowing to keep it looking its best. It has excellent drought and wear tolerance abilities, however does not tolerate shade (except for a few varieties with moderate shade tolerance). Its below-ground rhizomes help to stabilise the soil, but also has a tendency to invade adjacent garden beds if not controlled.

  • Provides rapid cover after establishment and will recover quickly from damage.
  • Grows best in full sun positions.
  • Appears to its best advantage when mowed with a cylinder mower.
  • Can be kept very short if it is in a position where it receives adequate sunlight.
  • With only a moderate level of care it can be an excellent choice for a lawn, nature strip or sporting field, particularly in areas that may be subject to flooding.

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