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Sweet Smother

Durban Grass, which is known as Sweet Smother in Queensland, is another lawn worth considering for the home. This lawn variety is noted for its softness, durability in full sun, and is also well renowned as being one of the best, if not the best shade tolerant turf currently available.  This variety only requires as little as 3 hours direct sunlight per day to survive and maintains itself well with no special lawn care required.

When grown in full sun, Sweet Smother Grass is light green in colour.  The colour darkens depending on the amount of shade it is subjected to.  This variety does require well drained soil, and does not tolerate a clay foundation very well.  It also does not tolerate frost.  It does have an inability to withstand and/or promptly repair from wear and tear.  Therefore it is an ideal lawn in the event that it does not have heavy traffic such as pets or children.

  • Soft and maintains itself well.
  • Very durable both in full sun and in shade, requiring minimal amounts of sunlight each day.
  • Will become a deeper green when it grows in the shade as opposed to the light green shading it has when grown in full sun. This grass requires well-drained soil.
  • Is not frost resistant
  • Nor very resistant at all to wear and tear.
  • It is, however, an excellent choice and an attractive lawn under the right conditions.


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